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over safely, and Martin and Bearie were steering the next, when a gale sprang up from the south and it blew them so near to the north shore at t


he head of the bay that Captain Johnson, whom we hired to help us over the rapids, thought best to send a canoe to take them off, but he was too


late to overtake them. You had better tell the rest of the story," he said, turning to Bearie, who sat with his hands in his pockets leaning ag

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ainst a tree. "We got through the first chute all right," said Bearie, "but the wind blew us on to the rapids abo


rival. "We were s


even weeks com


ing down on th


e raft." "A
raft—a raft? What is that?" in

ve Green Islan


d and the crib stuck on the rocks. We worked all day to get her off, but it was no use. At last there was a creak

roof with no walls, which serve

and a crash, a

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nd the whole thing went to 'smithereens.' One stick only remained on the rock, with Martin clinging to one end and

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